What Are The Key Features Every Local Business Website Should Have

key features local business websites should have
Joy U

Mar 14 ,2024

As a local business, it will be advantageous for your business to have an online presence.

It exposes your business to a larger audience and gives it credibility, trustworthiness, and lasting value.

It also puts your brand at the forefront of the competition and increases your chances of getting more sales.

So, if you intend to stand out amongst the competition, then you may need to consider having a website—a professional one if possible.

As you work towards getting your website, whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a professional, there are certain things you should look out for that your site must have.

These features will be listed and discussed in detail in this article, so ensure you read till the end.

Essential Features for Local Business Websites

  1. Clear and Concise Navigation
  2. Mobile Responsiveness
  3. High-Quality Visual Content
  4. Compelling Local Content
  5. Easy-to-Find Contact Information
  6. Call to Action (CTA)
  7. Social Media Integration
  8. Reviews and Testimonials

Clear and Concise Navigation

Investing in user experience is extremely vital as your customers need to have seamless navigation when they enter your website.

If your business involves owning an app, then you definitely can’t do without it.

You need to understand that the last thing your clients want is to feel frustrated from visiting your site or using your app. If that happens, you will likely lose the majority of them to your competition.

One thing that will likely help with the easy and smooth navigation of your website/app is a clear and simple menu structure.

It helps your users to easily locate the information that they are looking for on your site or features they are searching for on your app.

Also, consider arranging your website, blog post and mobile app in a way that will make it easy for your users to understand.

Mobile Responsiveness

The percentage of people that uses a mobile phone is higher than those that use a computer. Hence, if you want to reach more people and probably convert them, then you need to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

I can’t state enough how important this is. Another key feature that you need to consider for your website is ensuring that it is responsive. This makes your website flexible and easily adaptable to different screen sizes and devices.

When search engines like Google scan through the millions of websites on their platform, they’re more likely to put those that are mobile-friendly on the top of the search result.

Mobile Responsiveness

High-Quality Visual Content

While it is very important to craft great content for your website, you cannot ignore the importance of high-quality visuals (pictures and videos) in storytelling. Using pictures and/or videos or your products and/or services will help you tell your story more than simply using text.

Also, there are phones with good camera that can take quality pictures or make quality videos for you, and even apps that can edit them for you. However, you may need to hire a product photographer and videographer to give your visuals a professional touch.

While uploading your pictures, you may need to ensure that they are very clear and that the size is not too big. When your visuals are excessively large, it takes too much time to load which can frustrate them out of your site.

There are different websites that can help you reduce the size of your pictures and videos. Also, professionals know the right size your visuals need to be to optimize your website for page speed.


High-Quality Visual Content

Compelling Local Content

When writing your content, you would want to start of with an introduction that that will hook your audience, then let the rest of your content flow in such a way that will keep your website visitors interested till the very end.

Craft your content in such a way that will showcase your business expertise and ensure you sell yourself to your potential customers. Selling yourself means showcasing your strong suits and what makes you a preferable option to your competition.

Then when they patronize you ensure to give excellent customer service to keep them coming back. Keyword targeting and local citations are also important features you should consider adding to your website if you seek to improve your business visibility.

very essential. When you have managed to convert your clients, encourage them to drop positive reviews and testimonials on your social media pages.

You can make your requests through email or private messages, and including a link to online review platforms where they can drop their reviews and testimonials.

The quantity and quality of the reviews can increase your local SEO ranking, and put your business website on the front page.

Compelling Local Content

Easy-to-Find Contact Information

If you need to add your contact details to your website, make sure that it is in a strategic location and that it is correct. This is because some of your customers may want to reach to make some inquiries or lay some complaints.

You can give your potential customers options on how to reach you – whether through a phone number, an email address or a physical address. They can then decide which is more convenient for them.

You can also sign your business up on Google Maps and list them on online directories. But this is only possible if your business is a brick-and-mortar and has a physical location.

Easy-to-Find Contact Information

Call to Action (CTA)

For every visitor that visits your site, there are certain actions you may want them to take. Usually, these actions align with your business goals and objectives.

For instance, you may want them to take advantage of an offer, fill out a form or make a purchase.

Now, you should use an action word that is compelling instead of a suggestion word.

Look at this example:

You can make a purchase now if you wish OR Click now to make your purchase at a 50% discount!

Which one of these statements do you think visitors will react to more? Of course, it’s the second one. This means you should probably craft your call-to-actions that way.

Nevertheless, feel free to test other options. You can use A/B testing to see which CTA gets most of your visitors to get the desired results.

Call to Action (CTA)

To End With,

If you already have a business website, or you are about to have build one for your business ensure you incorporate these features on the website, especially if you want to experience success with the website.